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EdVenture Charter School
On May 21, 1998, the Ed Venture Charter School, Inc. signed its charter as a Florida not-for-profit corporation with the District of Palm Beach County Public Schools. Thus began its exciting commitment as an innovative alternative to traditional public school education for students with disabilities confronting barriers to their success. It opened its doors to students in August of that same year. The School's mission is to assist these students in acquiring the necessary skills to live and work in their community today and in helping them to become responsible, productive members of society in the future.

Ed Venture evolved as a natural extension of a highly successful demonstration program of the same name. Prior to the School establishing itself as its own corporate entity, it was operated by Jeff Industries, Inc., a non-profit 501( c ) (3) community-based mental health agency with a long history of providing quality vocational training and employment services to individuals with mental and emotional illness. The pilot program was developed in 1988 for young people in response to a request by the Palm Beach County School District which recognized the pressing need to find alternative program models which might provide a viable option for emotionally handicapped and at-risk students. The shared vision created a learning environment which was designed to provide these youths with the vocational and employability skills needed to survive in their community after graduation.History and Mission, EdVenture Charter School.

You can visit Jeff Industries, Inc. at www.jeffindustries.org 

The School District of Palm Beach
  • Recognition of Excellence in Vocational Programming
  • Recognition for outstanding early submission of reports 

The School District of Palm Beach County, Department of Exceptional Student Education
  • Certificate of Appreciation for providing Inclusive Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Public Safety Department, Youth Affairs Division
Awards & Recognitions
Florida Consortium of Charter Schools
  • Shining Star Award for outstanding performance as a Charter School

Annenberg Challenge
  • Recognition of extraordinary commitment to Academic Excellence

​Town of Hypoluxo
  • Participation in the Keep America Beautiful Annual Cleanup Campaign

Florida Public Charter Schools
  • Recognition for service and contributions to the education of Florida's children and youth
Our History
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